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In Hydration measurement, the device looks freezing

  • Once you select “SCAN” button, the small arrow starts to move with beep sound.
  • Then please put the skin sensor onto your skin and wait until you hear “Beep” sound again.
  • It will take around 3 ~ 4 seconds
  • Please do not take away the device from your skin until the result is shown with the “Beep” Sound. If you cannot see “SCAN” button on the screen, it means the device is analyzing the hydration.


I did try several times to send emails, but it does not work.

  • Please check the wi-fi connection first.
  • If the mirroring is turning on, please turn if off and turn on “Wi-Fi”.
  • Please check “Sender’s email account” again.
    If your email address is “”, you should input “aramhuvis” only and select “Gmail” in the registration page.


Time zone & Date.

  • Press the middle button to go “Setting “  page.
  • Among the lists, select “Date& time” and set it up the time zone and date& time as your region.



  • Go to “Setting” page
  • Among the lists, select “ Language “ and set it up the language as your region.


How to update the version.

  • In order to update the device version, you should check the wi-fi connection first on the setting page.
  • Once wi-fi is turned on, on main page of application press the very left button and select “SETTINGS”
  • There is an “UPDATE” button on “3. VERSION” section.
  • Please select it and follow the instruction to download the package.
  • When the download is done, please scroll up to down the top part of pages.
  • You will find “smartapm.apk” file.
  • Select it to install the new version.


How to check the current version

  • On application, press the very left button and select “Setup” button.
  • Among the lists, select “Advance” then, the current version is appeared.


How to download recommended products:/h3>

  • Switch your API ON, wait until blue light stops blinking - your API is editing WiFi signal
  • Find API WiFi on your computer, connect using password hidden under API battery cover.
  • Launch Solutionist program - program will recognize your API
  • SWITCH your API OFF - program will react „Connection was lost - confirm it OK
  • Connect computer to your Internet again
  • Go to Solutionist Settings - Device activation
  • Click activate Device
  • WAIT, program will be in contact with factory to check what kind of product your API has to recommend.
  • Set of cosmetic products will be automatically downloaded into your computer providing it is available on the factory server
  • If there is no product on the factory server you can insert your own product by yourself manually in Recommended Product section
  • Switch your API ON again and enjoy full functions of Solutionist!

The error occurs in pore, melanin and other measurements

  • Please click the “Pore” button on the pore measurement screen.
  • Please find the figure for sensitive whether it is too high. If so, please control it to low or click “Reset Button.
  • The problem is still not solved, please let us have the pictures related to this problem. If you cannot send them to us, please let us help you by remote control service.


When the image does not appear…

  • Be sure of using the appropriate Adaptor.
  • Please check whether you can see the light on the lens. When the lens is not well screwed on, the image will not appear.


When the capture button is not working…

  • Please check the device manager which is under the panel control.
  • Among the lists, open “Sound, video and game controllers “   section.
  • Then find “USB 2820 Video” and double click on it.
  • Update driver and follow the next steps to finish it.
  • Please check that the device name is “USB 2820 Video”.


When the “Lock key error “  was occurred.

Regarding to the program, please kindly confirm the installation status for USB driver as below.


  • Please go to the “Control Panel” and click the “Device manager”
  • Please click the “Sound, Video & Game Controller” and find the “USB 2820 Device”.


If you cannot find the “USB 2820 Device”, please re-install the program.

If you can find it, please follow the below advise.


  • Please click the right mouse button once on the icon of program, and click the “Property”.
  • Please go to the “Shortcuts” on the menu and click the “Find Target”.
  • Please double-click the “Cam Selector” and choose the device “USB 2820 Device”.

If you cannot still use the program, we will help you by doing the remote control service.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


You can’t see the image while you take this images

  • Please kindly re-adjust “Video Setting
  • Please click the camera button as below.
  • Please click the “Reset” and “Save”.
  • Please kindly adjust on the each section. (x1, x60, x200, x1000)